The Art Journey of Baryn Futa

Arts patron Baryn Futa believes the arts are a defining part of every culture, which is why he works so hard to preserve as much art as possible for all future generations. Baryn Futa also feels that the preservation of a culture is extremely important and that art is a key element of that effort. It’s not possible to know where a society should go without knowing where they have been. Every society owes it to their descendants to preserve as much art as possible as a snapshot of this point in our development.

That overall goal, to Baryn Futa, is critical. He strongly believes that the most brilliant artists deserve to thrive because they are so important. However, he knows that will require a change in attitude, which means giving them far more support for their work. While he sees investment in art as a very profitable endeavor, it is also an important way to protect and preserve the arts for the future, which creates excellent benefits to all of society. It is Baryn Futa’s ultimate goal to encourage as many people as possible to see the arts as a critical part of our cultural identity; one that is important to preserve for our grandchildren.

Baryn Futa: A Patron of Contemporary Arts
Appreciating Baryn Futa’s Love of Art