Baryn Futa Appreciates Both Art and Society

The fact is, Baryn Futa’s appreciation for fine art was a long time coming. It wasn’t until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum that he found himself transforming into an art lover. But when he fell in love, he fell hard. Baryn Futa loves the arts more than most people these days. His love of art has led him to become a major arts patron and benefactor, as well as an impressive art collector.

While he was working at the DAM, Baryn Futa felt something and he took advantage of his position to cultivate what has since turned into a deep love of fine art, especially when it comes to art history. He attended many art fairs and museum exhibitions and he did everything he could to provide himself with a strong art education. That was why he established his own art collection, which has become extremely impressive. He currently holds membership in many of the largest art museums anywhere, but he also loans pieces from his collection to prominent museums.

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